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You may have heard of that phrase that those of us in the cybersecurity and anti-fraud business say that «there are two types of companies, those that know they have been attacked and those that don’t.» Therefore, assuming that you are going to be attacked, we should ask ourselves: when I am attacked, am I going to be prepared? Therefore, taking for granted that you are going to be attacked, we should ask ourselves: when I am attacked, am I going to be prepared? What methods do I have planned for recovery?

Salicru is launching a new version of the Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems (UPS) of the SLC TWIN RT2 series. This is the SLC TWIN RT2 LION model with on-line double conversion technology, output power factor FP=0.9, a format adaptable to any tower/rack environment and extensive communication options…

Wireless technology is experiencing rapid adoption in the industrial sector, especially in production plants where a certain degree of mobility and freedom is required, such as in robot, automated guided vehicle (AGV) and RFID tracking applications. But there are many other areas where this technology can improve operations in terms of cost reduction and increased reliability….

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«What they want to do is bring in this thing called digital currency from the central bank,» Nawaz begins. «They want to replace fiat paper money with digital money as a competitor to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. But instead of being a decentralized currency, it will be controlled by the government.»

«If you try to buy unhealthy meat, it simply won’t work. You tap your card, you can’t buy that thing, but because you reached your hamburger quota, you’ll have to buy a vegan meal instead,» Nawaz explained.

While there may be some skepticism about Western governments harnessing such powers as a tool for population control, recent lessons from the Canadian trucker protests suggest there is less room for complacency.

As Nawaz told Rogan, the UK’s financial leader, Rishi Sunak (aka the Chancellor of the Exchequer), has been an outspoken advocate of CBDC technology both in the UK and abroad. In a video Nawaz shared with Rogan, Sunak even extolled the virtues of CBDCs at the G7 conference.

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On December 20, 2020 Elon posted a meme dedicated to Bitcoin that was responded to by Michael Saylor, the pro-bitcoin entrepreneur with great prestige in the Bitcoin community. Saylor moved Elon’s joke towards the seriousness of the matter, expressing to him that:

«If you want to do your shareholders a $100 billion favor, convert the balance of $TSLA from USD to BTC. Other S&P 500 firms would follow your lead and over time this would grow into a $1 trillion favor.»

On the other hand, Elon, who seems to be a fan of memes, has shown some apathy with Dogecoin. On December 20, 2020 he posted a tweet dedicated to the crypto DOGE and its price reached at the time revaluations of +20%.

Barcelona global international council

Ponferrada Area, Spainsupervisor at Tecnicas ReunidasOil & Energy ExperienceTecnicas Reunidas inspectorComisión Nacional de Energía Comisión Nacional de Energía 2003 – 2004 SkillsPetroleum and natural gas, Energy, Engineering, Commissioning, Oil, Oil industry, Project Engineering

SpainLaw Practice ExperienceIndependent lawyer 3162539008 April 1956 – Present SkillsMicrosoft Office, Microsoft Excel, Photoshop, Leadership, Microsoft PowerPoint, Research and…, Training, Administration and…, Microsoft Word, Sales

Madrid, Madrid, SpaConstruction Experiencepocerias fadehogar gerente de empresaapocerias fadehogar$ SkillsPlanning…, Project Management, Microsoft Excel, Customer Service, Budgeting, Microsoft Word, Sales

Alcalá De Henares Area, SpainElectrical/Electronic Manufacturing EducationIES san isidro 2001 – 20064º ESO ExperienceTEATROESLAVA May 2010 – December 2010 montelimp February 2008 – December 2008 ALDULCE SA January 2007 – September 2007 SkillsKNOWLEDGE IN…

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